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Safari | Outdoor vest Gibson fan with holster and mesh back in tobacco 3XL

€ 79.90
Gibson Ventilator belongs to our group of cockatoo vests. Cut-equal to the Delta or Traveler vest, the Gibson is something for airy areas.
  • The entire back is made of mesh, which makes it portable even in summer, without having to do without the countless pockets. 17 to be exact!
  • We have 9 front pockets, 2 zipped pockets, side pockets,
  • 2 inside pockets and of course the holster pockets on both sides, inside. The bags are designed so that nothing or very little can be seen outside. That is the idea behind Concealed Carry. It should not and should not be visible that something is being worn inside.
  • For those who have no gun to carry, the holster is also perfect for cell phones or other important things. The pockets can be closed so there is little risk of losing anything. In addition, they are huge, you can make a whole picnic go away.
  • gunn-worn- worn, worn out

    This type of washing was originally developed for clothing that had to withstand tough external conditions. Classically used by workers from the outdoor areas such as construction and assembly, truckers, field workers and mine workers. With this type of washing, the color is deeply embedded in the fabric. Since it is mostly very heavy denim goods, from 10 OZ or 280 gr., There is the desired irregularity in the color image, which continues even with normal house laundry. This type of washing is often referred to as an antique finish or look because the products are deliberately worn and look old.

    In general, it is advisable not to spin the clothing at all or only at low speed. The mechanics of the machine ensure that unsightly streaks can appear in clothing.

    If a product stains strongly or you want to deliberately slow down the process of washing out the paint, simply let the product rest in a mixture of normal household vinegar and water for a few hours. The vinegar fixes the color again in the cotton and inhibits the "bleeding" of the material.

  • Material: 100% cotton, polyester back
  • Chest: XS: 87 cm- S: 92 cm- M: 97 cm- L: 102 cm- XL: 107 cm- XXL: 112 cm- 3XL: 117 cm- 4XL: 11 cm- 5XL: 127 cm
  • About the material: The cloths are all made from 100% cotton threads. The raw fabric is Egyptian cotton, which weighs a maximum of 160g / m2 undyed as a raw material. In order to obtain a uniform quality in appearance and feel, only cloth surfaces with a constant size are used during processing.

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