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Outdoor | Western | Leather hat Sydney with round cord suitable for all weather conditions in size M.

€ 39.90

Sydney is so beautiful ...

Kakadu Traders leather hat with a medium block made of comfortable non-slip leather and a curved brim. The hat band is braided round. Like most cockatoo hats it is rated with a sun protection factor UPF of 50+ and has chin straps on the inside to attach a chin strap. The weather hat is the ideal companion for all outdoor activities. It protects you when you're gardening, when you're walking the dog, shopping in the city or sunbathing on the beach.

The Croc Hat has the traditional Australian style with its slightly curved brim and triple eyelets that ventilates around the top of the head. The hat band is an embossed and hand printed leather with the colours of a real crocodile. On top of that, we strapped in XNUMX molded crocodile "teeth"; we even stained them to give that authentic look.

  • Crown height- 10inch /XNUMXcm
  • Brim width- 7.75inch / XNUMXcm UPFXNUMX+
  • Fabric type: 100% Genuine Leather Trim: PVC / Nylon

  • Leather is a natural product, breathable to a certain extent water-repellent. The leather needs to be maintained with a good oil, wax or impregnation spray. A hat never belongs on the heater, sun shelf in the car or on the window seat on the south side.
  • Just like a good shoe, your hat adapts to you, it becomes smoother, gets the usual signs of wear (brim lifter or hat block barrel). Scratches and bumps are characteristic. If something goes through during the last check before the hat comes to you and you have the feeling that your product is faulty, call us or write an email. We always take care of it and find a solution.
  • Please be aware that hats made from thicker leathers usually run smaller and hats made from thinner leathers are generally considered full fitting.

    Cockatoo hats - or as we often call them mates - come in all sorts of colors and shapes, so we are sure the right thing is there for you, but let's start at the beginning. Before we choose something we make sure that the hat also fits. After all, he should sit comfortably.

    Take a tape measure or a sturdy thread and put it around your head so that it lies over the eyebrows and about 1 cm above the ears. Never pull the measuring tape too tight, remember that the hat should fit comfortably.

    Then follow the size chart to find your correct size.

    Very important, all our hats are made by hand and can vary in size, plus the material thickness of the leather. If you are unsure, if in doubt, call us or write an email, give us your measurement and we will measure your hat before we send it to you.

    Size S: 55 cm, M: 57 cm, L: 59 cm, XL: 61 cm, XXL: 63 cm

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