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Australian Style Drover wax coat oilskin Long Rider 3-in-1 water-repellent in black

€ 229.90

Whatever comes: city or forest, motorcycle or horse, the Long Rider Coat is the cockatoo original and designed to master every situation ...

The 3-in-1 multifunctional cockatoo coat made from our Oilskin canvas is trimmed with leather on the collar and sleeves. The extra-long coat protects you from head to toe in any weather. In windy conditions, the leg loops on the inside keep the coat on your body. The coat can also be buttoned up as a 3/4 jacket with simple hand movements.
Removable storm cape, two inside pockets, large patch flap pockets. Two side pockets give you warm hands. Simple cotton lining. The Fleecyliner can be buttoned here.
The size XS corresponds to a menswear of 48 / 50-S: 50 / 52-M: 52 / 54-L: 54 / 56- XL: 56 / 58- XXL: 58 / 60- 3XL: 60 / 62

Material: 100% cotton

Understanding MicroWax
Our MicroWax products are completely water-repellent and wind-protected. The difference between Oilskin and wax is that the raw material already runs through hot oil in production and is then rapidly cooled down within minutes, so that the oil can pull completely into the fiber and is not only applied superficially like when waxing the finished product. Despite the water-repellent protection, the material remains breathable. To clean Oilskin products, simply wash it under cold water and wash or brush. Please note that even lukewarm water can already dissolve the oil.

Chest: XS: 116 cm- S: 121 cm- M: 126 cm- L: 131 cm- XL: 136 cm- XXL: 141 cm- 3XL: 146 cm

About the material: The cloths are all made from carded cotton. Carded yarn is a high quality feature. It stands for the process in which uncombed but good three-cylinder yarns made from long-staple cotton threads are washed with a card and freed from impurities. The end result is a non-woven material which is then processed into the actual cotton cloth. This cotton has a high quality standard.

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