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Gloves with extended shaft Long Gauntlet | Size XL and XXL

€ 39.90

Our Long Gauntlet gloves with an extra long shaft were originally designed by Kakadu Traders Australia for riding. Everyday life has shown that they also do everything in between, from gardening to motorcycling or as work gloves, our Gauntlet Gloves have proven to be useful companions. Made from water-repellent Oilskin cotton, the same material that we use for our rain jackets and raincoats. The inside of the palm and fingers are reinforced with leather. The inner lining consists of a light cotton in black. The shaft extends over the wrist and can therefore also be pulled over the sleeves. This can be done with two tapes. So there is no gap between the jacket and the glove.

  • The size XS corresponds to the men's size 6-6.5
  • The size S corresponds to the men's size 7-7.5
  • The size M corresponds to the men's size 8-8.5
  • The size L corresponds to the men's size 9-9.5
  • The size XL corresponds to the men's size 10-10.5
  • The size XXL corresponds to the men's size 11-11.
  • Material: 100% cotton

    Understanding MicroWax
    Products made using the MicroWax cloth are as tough as they come- XNUMX% waterproof, windproof & breathable. Since the blend is not water soluble, any incidence of water to touch it simply runs straight off. The use of a super tight weave of cotton canvas ensures that it is completely windproof. The breathability arises from the fabrics crystalline structure which varies and aligns with an increase of body heat, thereby allowing sweat in the form of water vapour to escape.

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