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Kingsfort outdoor jacket made of quilted oilskin, lined with knitted collar in black and brown - S and M

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Kingsford is a small all-rounder.

Our Oilskin, oiled cotton, keeps wind and moisture out. We then quilted and fed it, making it suitable for the weather.

Classic blouson cut with knitted cuffs on the arm and collar, zip and wind cuff. There are of course pockets on the right and left.

Material: 100% cotton

Our products treated with MicroWax are completely water-repellent and wind-protected. The difference between Oilskin and wax is that the raw material runs through hot oil in the production process and is then frozen within minutes, so that the oil can pull completely into the fiber and is not only applied superficially like when waxing the finished product.
Despite the water-repellent protection, the material remains breathable.
Simply use cold water to clean Oilskin products and wash or brush the material. Please note that even lukewarm water can already dissolve the oil.

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