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Kakadu Raincover dog coat dog jacket made of water-repellent cotton

€ 19.90

What is good enough for us for our dearest pets is the kingdom.

The Kakadu Traders dog drover is also built from our Oilskin, just like our big coats. So of course also water-repellent, windproof and breathable.

Our loved ones now have two small bags to carry their treats themselves.

Size S has only 1 pocket on the back.

This version is with a cotton lining, for the real winter there is also the teddy fur version.

Material: 100% cotton

Understanding MicroWax
Our MicroWax products are completely water-repellent and wind-protected. The difference between Oilskin and wax is that the raw material already runs through hot oil in production and is then rapidly cooled down within minutes, so that the oil can pull completely into the fiber and is not only applied superficially like when waxing the finished product. Despite the water-repellent protection, the material remains breathable. To clean Oilskin products, simply wash it under cold water and wash or brush. Please note that even lukewarm water can already dissolve the oil.

Dimensions in inches / cm. Length is measured from the collar to the end of the coat.

Deliverables 12.5 / 31 16 / 40 20 / 50 23.5 / 58 26 / 65
Length 12 / 30 15.5 / 38 19 / 47.5 22 / 55 25.5 / 63

Circumference S 31 cm- length 30 cm, circumference M 40 cm- length 38 cm, circumference L 50 cm- length 47.5 cm, circumference XL 58 cm- length 55 cm, circumference XXL 65 cm- length 63 cm

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