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Kakadu Traders Australia is one of the leading brands for outdoor clothing and lifestyle items. We have been in the industry for over XNUMX years and always try to get the best out of it. In addition to the classic Kakadu leather hat, you will find many other outdoor clothing in our shop, such as our Soaka microfiber hats, wool felt or our high-quality hats made of materials such as kangaroo leather and crocodile. Our wax jackets and coats are unbeatable, especially in the outdoor area. Through an elaborately developed process, cotton towels are turned into high-quality oilskin jackets and coats that defy wind and weather. The classic English wax jacket is finished in a completely different process compared to our Oilskin jacket. Hence the more correct term for Kakadu- oil jacket and not wax jacket.

Our name does not come from the yellow Kakadu but is based on the Kakadu National Park.

Multifunctional outdoor vests

Our outdoor vests for men but also for ladies are a good companion for everyday and leisure time. For example, at Kakadu Traders Australia you get the "Traveler Vest", which with its many pockets and the sporty short cut does not restrict your freedom of movement at all. Every outbacker is perfectly equipped with the "Delta" because it has so many multifunctional pockets that the suitcase almost about becomes fluid. Since it is also cut short, it is also one of the models that do not restrict your freedom of movement. Are you looking for outdoor clothing in large sizes? Many of our products are available up to size XNUMXXL - see for yourself!

Casual accessories for the perfect outdoor look

A lot has happened in the lifestyle sector too. With us you can combine robust and hard-wearing textiles that perfectly combine functionality and an attractive design. Our Kakadu shirts or cargo pants in many great colors such as tobacco, black and mustard are the best proof of this. Complete your outdoor look with casual accessories, such as a practical bag or an indestructible tool belt. With our BOOT GUARDS your shoes and trouser legs stay protected from dirt and moisture and insects. If you have any questions about our products or care, such as cleaning oil or wax jackets, contact us or write an email.

Kakadu Traders Australia - high quality outdoor clothing for life and lifestyle. Here you can expect two generations of family tradition and the toughest of outdoor and leisure clothing,

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